Cool in Camo & How I Chose My Blog Name

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I thought these photos were appropriate for a post about how I chose my blog name and why my path to blogging has been a little unique. 

A Total Mesh

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So the title of this post was supposed to be a play on words, but I have actually been a total mess in the last few days because of Hurricane Irma. Luckily, my family is safe and so is my childhood home but I am keeping everyone who experienced the worst of this storm in my thoughts.

Jumpsuit Joy

     Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters. Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff. Why not try a jumpsuit for Fall? Usually a Summer staple, jumpsuits are also wearable for cooler weather. This piece from Urban Outfitters has been perfect for airplane rides, outdoor dinners, and everything in between. I'll pair it with kimonos and ankle boots this fall, but for now it's a great ...