Fall Textures: Why You Need Velvet Pants In Your Wardrobe

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I know I already waxed poetic about how you need plaid in your fall wardrobe (which you probably already have, but this piece is a real game changer- just saying), but I’m about to add another trend to that list.

Not Bad in Plaid

Living in L.A. doesn’t necessarily mean a huge change in weather when Fall comes, but I’ve purchased a few pieces that I can incorporate into looks I wear all the time, a.k.a with a white tee and jean shorts. So far, this blazer is my favorite one.

Plaid Prediction

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Plaid never really goes out of style, but something about Fall being around the corner always makes you crave more of it in your wardrobe, right?

Checked Out

  crop top: asos. shorts:equipment. shoes: vera wang (old, similar here).  bag: vintage moschino. PS- Equipment is 25% off on Shopbop's sale for 2 more days! (use code "family25") Nothing feels more like "Fall" than plaid. If it's not time for plaid jackets, scarves, and sweaters yet where you are then why not try a pair of plaid ...

Dogwalking Days

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Shirtdress: Nasty Gal (also love this one). Shoes: Miu Miu. Belt: Vintage This may sound ridiculous (probably because it totally is), but walking your dog and not wearing pajamas/workout clothes/etc. is a challenge sometimes. While I always want to be comfortable, wearing an oversized t-shirt and cut-offs can get old, and isn't exactly great for the lower ...