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I’ve been doing so much traveling lately and haven’t been as consistent as I’d hoped with my posts so I thought I’d share a quick photo diary from my trips. There’s also been lots of shopping (thrifting and a few pieces from designer clearances) so be on the lookout for a post detailing how I’ll be wearing them this Fall. I’ve been to Portland, New York and Atlanta- also a few places in between.

Can’t wait to be back in Atlanta next week for a few days!

prettiest sunset of my entire trip from portland. love these pinks and blues.

¬†wearing my new bag & zara tunic after a fun morning at the farmer’s market with my dad (along with some wonderfully frizzy hair from a 7 hour flight)¬†

My travels weren’t half as cool as my sisters, btw- she went to Korea (& brought me back this tank top and a bunch of other cool stuff)

came across my favorite new instagram account, @subliming.jpg!

wearing the best vintage dress I have ever found (90s Versace) with my new favorite bag. Also that sweater tied on my waist pictured above is vintage Miu Miu and probably my favorite thrifted find from the summer.

I linked similar pieces below!


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