Cool in Camo & How I Chose My Blog Name

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tee .. pants .. bag (similar here) .. belt

I thought these photos were appropriate for a post about how I chose my blog name and why my path to blogging has been a little unique. Camo pants were (obviously) originally intended for blending in, but lately this trend has been making a comeback in a standout way.


I started my blog back in 2013 after blogging for a boutique in Tampa and learning that it was something I loved to do. I honestly didn’t like the sound of a cutesy name because I knew that if this was something I was going to continue to do (and hopefully use as a platform to get a full time job once I graduated art school), that I wanted it to sound as professional as possible. This was what led me to choosing ( was unavailable at the time, but I now own that domain as well).

I was definitely not perfect about keeping up with my blog over the years- internships, taking a double load to graduate on time, and switching campuses my senior year all majorly contributed to that. I knew blogging was something I would always want to do, but I felt the need to prove myself and pursue something more ‘serious’ which led to my brief stint in grad school studying journalism and a full 6 months of LSAT prep in an effort to get into law school. I don’t regret any of these efforts, but I do regret not knowing that anyone who didn’t take me seriously probably wasn’t worth my time and that my high school advisors who oh-so-kindly told me that my college aspirations were out of reach despite my GPA and good test scores were wrong in knowing my potential.

Fast forward to about six months ago when I decided to delay law school and pursue blogging full time. I’m so glad my site wasn’t known by some cheesy name that I’d gotten sick of over the years. My content and style have both changed (and hopefully improved) and I’ve tried to take what I’ve learned from the past few years and apply it towards growing this site. I am so excited to keep growing and reach an even bigger audience and also to continue traveling- my favorite part of blogging.

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