Photo Diary & Packing List: San Diego

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Went to San Diego last weekend for a much needed getaway. Sharing some pics from my trip (above) and my packing list. Since my trip was roughly 72 hours, I didn’t need much. I tried to pack pieces that were easy to mix and match and neutral colors- a hard thing for me to do but I was able to bring color into the mix through my accessories. I asked you all a few weeks ago on my instagram stories if you wanted to see my packing lists when I travel and an overwhelming majority of you said yes so here’s what I brought with me:

Palm Springs Packing List

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If you follow me on instagram, you already know I went to Palm Springs last week for a 24-hour getaway. I stayed at the cutest little hotel (and I highly recommend it!) and brought my pup, Gigi with me.

Life Lately

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I’ve been doing so much traveling lately and haven’t been as consistent as I’d hoped with my posts so I thought I’d share a quick photo diary from my trips.

Park Central

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No place is more relaxing than a park. While that may sound like a cheesy saying waiting to be embroidered onto a pillow, I actually feel this way. When Mimi told me about Carl Schurz Park, I happily jumped onboard (and into a cab). I didn't expect the last minute New York chill ( said ...