Blue Daze

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This sweater has to be one of my favorite recent investments. It came pre-worn down so it has a vintage-y feel, which I love. I paired it with linen shorts this summer but can’t wait to wear it with leather pants and high waisted jeans when Fall comes (if it ever does, not sure seasons are really a thing in L.A.).

Stripe Scene

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Finding a quality, well-made practical dress for under $100 is basically impossible but I think this one might fit the bill. I introduced The Fifth Label a few posts ago here, and didn’t even realize this piece was also made by them but it stands to reason because their stuff is so good.

Best of: Vintage

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I still remember how big of a deal it was ten years ago (okay, maybe more – not that great with numbers) when I got this LV Cherry bag. It’s still one of my favorite pieces in my closet and I will always treasure it. If you ask me, the era of Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton should never be forgotten. I wish I had been old enough to buy the entire collection, but for now I’ll appreciate what I have (until I can buy myself the matching duffel one day).

Not So Boring Basics

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One thing I love about California is how casual everyone always dresses. I know I always mention it, but it is such a change from living in Georgia/Florida for most of my life. I used to spend so much of my money on heels when I was living in Atlanta and driving everywhere, but now that I’m in LA I walk so much on a daily basis that sneakers are a much more practical option.

Cali Casual

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If you follow me on Instagram, it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m not typically a dress girl. I definitely used to dress ‘girlier’ when I was living on the opposite side of the country, but moving to California made me completely reconsider how casually I can dress.

Classic Color Combo

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So I am way behind and just watched Anna Wintour’s 73 questions video on earlier today (embarrassing bc the video is from 2014).

Vintage Favorites

Who says you can’t wear all your favorite things at once? I wouldn’t call this outfit ‘on trend’, but it’s comprised of some of my best finds, and isn’t that what personal style is really all about?

Solid & Striped x Staud

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The Solid and Striped x Staud collaboration is by far my favorite of the season. I hadn’t seen it until I logged onto Shopbop, but as someone who rarely splurges on swimwear, I was more inclined to buy the seersucker top (easily paired with white pants and Levi’s) than one of the swimsuits- but I will admit I might have one in my cart at the moment.

Fairly Festive Fourth

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To be honest, very little preparation went into my look for the 4th. For me, this time is about hanging out with my family and not about being glamorous. I knew I’d want a pretty casual ensemble, and these House of Harlow pants fit the bill perfectly.


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Like I said on Instagram, this outfit is unusually girly for me. I’m typically much more comfortable in darker colors, especially something from my band tee collection.