Summer Looks with Nobody’s Child

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I don’t discuss this too much, but I learned so much in fashion school about how clothing is sourced. This really means that I’ve seen way too many documentaries about unfair labor practices in overseas factories. I always take note of whether a brand cares about their factory workers before I agree to work with them. This means I have passed on collaborations with lots of brands with accessible price points- not because I don’t think their clothes are cute but because I wouldn’t want to promote a company with a shady past in terms of labor practices/quality control (it’s kind of like setting your friend up with an attractive guy you know has a sketchy reputation).

Set Sale!

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Sale season is officially here, which means it’s a great time to buy those pieces you’ve been eyeing all spring! I’ve linked everything you’ll want to add to your cart.

The 411 on Pink Hair

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While I have loved having pink hair for the past month, there are definitely some things I wish I’d known beforehand, which is why I’m writing this post. So many of you DM’d me on Instagram and asked about upkeep, products, and whether I did this myself (spoiler alert: don’t trust myself enough for that).

Pink Hair & Plaid Dress

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As many of you already know (presumably from instagram), I dyed my hair pink about two weeks ago for my 25th birthday. It was temporary and washed out quickly, but I liked it so much that I decided to try a longer-lasting version the following week. This was something I had wanted to do for a while but had never been bold enough to try.

Dress Up Season

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I feel like spring is such a busy season for so many of us! Whenever I find out about an event, I immediately do a mental scan of my closet and ponder what to wear. I don’t think I’m ever super excited to attend something until I have my outfit nailed down because one of the worst feelings in the world is realizing you’re unprepared for something at the last minute. 

My Favorite Thrifted Finds (as of late)

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love vintage clothing. I’ve mentioned it before, but just to give you some background- I worked at a charity thrift shop in high school for volunteer hours. At the time I thought it was incredibly boring, but in hindsight it’s really what led to my love of thrifting and vintage clothes.

Why You Can Still Wear Your Off the Shoulder Tops

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So I’m pretty sure we all went a little crazy for the OTS trend last summer. When I looked at my closet recently I was a little concerned about my lack of tops for weather under 65 degrees.

Luckily, it’s basically springtime (depending on where you live), and even though these purchases may seem long forgotten by now I think it’s important to get the most wear out of them as possible.

I’m making mine feel fresh again by wearing them with high-waisted, light wash jeans and kitten heels or the currently popular “dad sneakers”. It may seem odd to mix such a girly piece with chunky, orthopedic looking sneakers- but I promise you can pull it off.

Blue Crush: My Favorite Unexpected Color Combination

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I think the color pink got a bad rep for a while- movies in the early 2000s made it seem like a color reserved for mean cheerleaders and juicy tracksuits. In the past two years, there has been a major turnaround for the color with lighter shades of the color majorly coming in to play- just look at the packaging for one of my favorite beauty brands, Glossier. Now that ‘millennial pink’ has become the term for every shade of the color that isn’t blinding, it can even seem a little too trendy at times.

Year in Review: My Favorite Purchases of 2017 (& wishlist for 2018)

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Time to Shop: Sale Season ft. Net-A-Porter, Shopbop & Urban Outfitters

My absolute favorite sale of the year is here.. Net-A-Porter’s site is filled with amazing finds and some pieces I’ve been eyeing all season that are now much more budget friendly. This isn’t one of those sales where you’ll have buyers remorse, these pieces are trendy but also great investments. I picked out some of my favorite finds below, but click here if you’d rather be directly connected to their site. Happy Shopping!