In The Clear

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It sounds lame, but I was dying for one of these STAUD totes ever since I saw them on Eva Chen’s instagram. Clear bags are so fun and totes are a great way to display less practical bags you might own. The tote pictured above is currently on backorder, but I’ve linked a few other clear bags that caught my eye. I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t need another, but I love all of these!

Seeing Clearly

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How many black dresses are in your closet? Personally, I've stopped counting. I couldn't resist this one because the "One size fits all" claim intrigued me and the clear midsection was very Wang-esque. I wore it in New York last weekend, because I like to be mistaken for a local (though I rarely am), and ...

Clutch Mode

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Lately I've been neglecting my larger bags for smaller options. There is the Comme Des Garcons pouch I've been using, and now there is this printed, flat clutch. I know I didn't need it, but it was a budget-friendly impulse buy that is still able to fit most of my necessities (wallet, sunglasses, phone). It ...

Scarf Season

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  The only good thing about colder weather is the clothing that goes along with it. As someone who lives in a climate that is rarely cool enough to fully bundle up, I often make do by wearing scarves. My scarf obsession has become a collection- vintage (sometimes smelly, but usually they air out), new, and ...

A Tale of White Shoes.

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I'm tired of hearing people proclaim whether or not they will continue to wear white, too, but I figured I'd share my opinion. My first experience with white shoes was anything but pleasant. I had to purchase them for my overly conservative 8th grade graduation that required a white dress (of appropriate length, of course) ...

Pumped Up Kicks

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This week, I'll be sharing my Fall spurge and save items with you that I not only suggest you purchase (or get inspired by), but that I have bought for myself. I think many of you would agree with me that the most aggravating part of shopping is when something you want sells out, or somehow ...

Green Scene

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Have you ever noticed a serious consistency when you shop? Are you always drawn to a certain color, fabric, cut, or color? Personally, I haven't been able to get enough of the color green lately. I have no idea why. Maybe it is because it is such a summery, happy color.. or perhaps I am ...