Band Tee Babe: My Collection of Band Tees & How to Start Your Own

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I know I’ve posted about this before, but my band tee collection is the #1 thing I get DM’d about!

As I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t get them from one specific place. I’m on the hunt constantly- at home in L.A., traveling and pretty much whenever I’m online shopping.

The best advice I can give about starting your own collection is- start shopping!! You’ll be amazed at all the awesome stuff out there and realize how exciting it is when you score a great find.

If you’re not much of a thrift shopper and still want a solid selection of band tees to choose from, I recommend Urban Outfitters and any site/store that carries the Madeworn brand.

The ones pictured above are only the ones I’m currently traveling with- I probably have between 30 and 50 (and somehow pack them all into my tiny studio apartment- impressive, I know). I really enjoy finding unique tees when I travel- they serve as useful souvenirs from some of my favorite trips 🙂

I’ve chosen a few below to help you get started on your collection- or just find one to go with your favorite striped pants.

Happy Shopping!

vintage band tees, Grateful Dead


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